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Friday, April 16, 2010

Bed and Bath

I have to admit, I have been outside working in the yard and I have left you all hanging in my Spring Cleaning Series. I haven't been Tidbiting at all. I am just loving this early spring that we are having. I hope that you are all enjoying it too. Well since it is going to be a rainy weekend, I figured that I would wrap the series up with the Bed and Bath areas.

Tidbit - Think Beyond your normal cleaning routine and get ready to freshen things up with a little organization.


The bedroom is the first thing you see to start off your day and the last thing you see before you go to lala land. So keeping this in mind you should understand why it is important to keep it neat, cozy and romantic. Look around at your room and see how it functions. Is it a catch all? Are there clothes and shoes everywhere? Is it cozy? Does it say romance?


Open those closets and open the drawers. It's time to put the winter things away and pull out all of your spring and summer items. Label some plastic bins, put a few fabric softeners in the bins and store them away.

- Now is a good time to throw away any stained, riped or holey items. It is also time to get a collection together for the Good Will bins (Found in most Church lots).


Your closets and drawers can always use a little TLC. So while you are resorting your things, reorganize the spaces for them. You can find inexpensive drawer dividers and closet organizers at any large retail chain. They can also be found at Christmas Tree Shops for dirt cheap.

Organizing Tidbit - To keep yourself sane and prepared during the week, find a hanging cubby for your closet. They hang in your closet and can have four or five cubbies. You can pick outfits for the week and sort them in each cubby. They can include folded pants, shirts, shoes and accessories. That way you can just get up and go.


Vacuum under your bed. Move out any end tables and vacuum under and behind them. Dust loves to live behind things. So get it all out. Wash windows and curtains that can be put in your washer. If they are fancy then mist them with warm water and vacuum them. Clear off tables and dressers and clean and polish where needed. Now is a good time to change out any old picture frames.

Decorating Tidbit - Spice things up in the bedroom by adding some candlelight. Inexpensive wall sconces can be found in any stores decorating section. Also, change up your comforter set for a quick cozy change. It is crazy to spend a ton of money in this area, because it is an item that can transform your room in minutes when you need a little change.

Kids Room

Lets take a look at the kids room. Aside from the cleaning previously mentioned. Get rid of the space fillers. Such as the stuffed things and any mismatched random pieces. Use space under the beds for books, toys, clothes and shoes. Roll out bins, baskets, even laundry baskets are a good way to utilize this space and keep it tidy.

Tidbit - Give each child their own cork or magnet board in their room. They can use it to hang up school work and artwork. They love having a creative space to call their own. Make sure that it can be moved easily, so they can work on it freely.


Well the only thing that comes to mind is put on some rubber gloves and Scrub a Dub, Dub.

Scrub the bath tub, the tiles, the sink, the toilet, behind the toilet, the floor.

Clean out and reorganize your cabinets and drawers. It is always nice to keep these secret spaces neat, because you never know what visitors will check them out, for no apparent reason. Throw out any out dated medicine or products and replenish them. Clean your brushes and combs or just get some new ones. Go through your make-up and throw out any old germy stuff and treat yourself to some new spring colors. Make sure that the company bathroom always has extra toilet paper that can be found easily and some refreshing spray for those embarrassing moments. Keep your bathroom clean and simple.

Well that concludes the Spring Cleaning Series. I know that I have gone a little Martha Stewart on you, but like I have said before, it's spring cleaning not everyday cleaning. Overall, I hope at least one Tidbit motivates you. Happy Spring Cleaning!