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Monday, January 25, 2010

Focus on the Inside

We are all day dreaming of warmer days and of blooming flowers. Many of us may be starting to think of our back yards and summer nights on the patio. I have already started planning my gardens and flower pots in my head. Although the Spring will be here soon, I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. In my home I like to take advantage of these upcoming months, it is a good time to Focus on the Inside.

Organizing/Decorating Tidbit - Take care of things on the inside before the time comes to focus on the outside.

You can begin this process with going from room to room with a small notebook and writing down what can be Fixed, Improved or Changed in each room. As you walk from room to room, think about whether it is serving it's purpose for you and your family and it is functioning the way that you intended. If you are not completely satisfied with the room then begin to think about what area you want to focus on the most. Such as making it more Organized, De-cluttering, and Cleaning or Painting, Rearranging or Re-Purposing the room.

After deciding what can be done to the room, make a list of supplies that you will need to get the job done. See if you have any of the supplies on hand and then estimate the Time, Labor and Cost of each rooms projects. If you can only do some of the things that you have listed, then start there and keep the list so that you can refer to it later. If you can manage more change and improvement in your home, then set some dates with yourself and plan the budget to get them done.

Extra Tidbit - When looking at each room, don't forget about the Closets, Cabinets, and Drawers. Sometimes getting those organized first can help you focus on what you really want from each room and how you want it to function.

Extra Extra Tidbit - Remember to be realistic about your goals and start with the small things that can be done in each room. Also think of Paint as a great changing tool, it can be used to give any room a Decorative Lift by the use of color on any paintable object, like the wall, Trim, Ceiling, Tables etc. And if your brave enough, be a do-it-yourselfer. It will be gratifying in the end and save you some hard earned cash.

So Get Moving and Focus on your Inside!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ready, Set, Grocery Shop

Going food shopping is quite a task. There is nothing worse than getting home and realizing that you have forgotten something that you really needed. And then there is the crowds of people, the long lines, and the whining children. Well I have some idea's that will hopefully help you out.
Ready, Set, Grocery Shop!

Organizing Tidbit

In my house we have a magnetic shopping list on the side of the refrigerator. I use it to jot down items when I notice that we are out of it or when it's running out. I also categorize it by the stores I use most often. This is one of my write it and forget it techniques. When it's time to make my shopping list, its the place I start. You can find them in the Stationary Aisle in any store. That takes me to my next tip, write a shopping list.

Look through your cabinets and fridge and clean out whats running out and put it in smaller bags or containers and throw out any out dated food. This is a good time to make the Mix (like the one I had mentioned in a previous blog) of all those goldfish, animal crackers and any other little snacks. My kids also like it when I mix all the remaining cereals into one. This helps make room and keep cabinets organized.

Now if your a coupon mom, you can check the flyer's and plan your meals around whats on sale or by your coupons.
Now your ready to make your list.

I make my list according to the Supermarkets layout. You know Dairy, Deli, Dry Foods, Produce, Breads and Freezer. This helps me get in and out. Also I try to shop on off peak days and hours. Like a Monday night or early in the morning. It's a ghost town and kind of relaxing, but beware of when your stores sales start. Because they run out of those items first, so make sure if you want something that you plan around it.

Now you're Ready, Set, Grocery Shop

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seasons Ahead

Today it has been exactly one month since the winter season began. With two months still left of freezing cold weather, it is hard to believe that the stores are already starting to stock the aisles with their spring collection. So what does this mean for us, their valued customer? Clearance! Clearance! Clearance! It is a great time to stock up for sizes and Seasons Ahead!

Family Value Tidbit - Whether you are a brand name shopper or a large retailer customer, it is time to shop clearance. With item's 50% to 75% off, it is a great time to stock up on your children's sizes for next year. Think back to the beginning of this season and all the items that you had to purchase to keep your child warm this winter. It's all on Clearance right now! Jacket's, Hat's, Glove's, Sweater's, slippers, boots, snow suits, winter PJ's, sneakers and the list goes on and on.
(I bought two pair of leather sneakers for $9.00 today at Target)
With a little time and effort you can really get a bargain and stock up for the Seasons Ahead!

Extra Tidbit
- Some of the Best Stores to find clothes deals right now are Target, Toys-R-Us, Babies-R-Us, Disney Store, Children's Place and large department stores. Go directly to the clearance section and have in mind what it is your looking for. Make a list so that you don't splurge too much on all the really unnecessary cute stuff.

Extra Extra Tidbit - I know that most of us are sick of shopping and are up to our eyes with bills, but it is a good time to think about next Christmas. If you buy for a lot of people during the season, you should think about buying them clothes and winter accessories for next Christmas. Get them now for a steal and store them away. It is also a great time to buy toys. If you know what you might like, see if it's on sale. It may be a pain now, but you will be grateful next year when your work is much less and there is more money in your pocket.

Great Christmas Stock is still on sale on the Stores Websites. Some good ones to check out are Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Williams and Sonoma, Pier One, Disney Store.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Defeating Your Laundry

In my house, laundry is continuous battle. Just when I think that I am all caught up, another Battle Pile appears needing immediate attention or else there will be a War Pile that never ends. As a result I have come up with some strategies for easing the pain. Here are some tips for Defeating Your Laundry.

Organizing Tidbit - Defeating your laundry takes a plan of action.

Step One - If It's Not Dirty Then Don't Wash It

*Like Towels for instance. You wipe your clean body with it, so it's still clean. Assign each person a towel and keep it for the week.
*Pajamas also fall into this category. They are worn to bed and then removed in the morning. It is unlikely that they got spoiled in that time frame, so wear them two to three times.
*Jeans and Dress Pants are also an item that can be worn more than once before cleaning. Of course at your own discretion.

Using these strategies should help with the Battle Pile.

Step Two - Create A Dirty Clothes Station

In my home we don't have any hampers, instead I use a tall laundry basket. The tall basket is for collecting the dirty clothes. I have it hidden behind my bedroom door and everyone in the house knows that that's where their dirty clothes belong. When it fills up, I do a load of laundry. Having it already in the tall basket, makes it easy for transport. Makes sense right? But I do a Full Load Cycle. Which means I Wash, Dry, Fold and Put It Away.

Make Dirty Clothes Stations in closets or behind Doors and make sure that everyone in the house knows that the floor is not an option.

Step Three - Organize Your Washes

If you read my blog, you should know by now that I am a fan of baskets. Well the same applies here. Get colored baskets for each kind of load and use them to separate the clothes by color. Think Red, White and Blue. Red for Colors, Blue for Darks and White for... Well I think you got that one.

Organize washes using the baskets when you bring your full tall basket down instead of the floor.

Step Four - Create A Folding Station

I know! I know! What is with me and these stations? But it does help. I think that the easiest place to fold clothes is in a bedroom on a made bed. To make it easy, categorize as you fold. For instance, each person should have a section of the bed and as you fold put the clothes into categories also. Like a shirt pile, jeans pile, t-shirts pile, sweat shirts etc. When it's time to put the folded clothes away, insert them by their categories into regular laundry baskets and then they will be ready to be put away neatly for each person.

Make Sure to do a Full Load Cycle Daily to minimize the Battle. I hope that these strategies help you with Defeating Your Laundry.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lifting Your Senses

Now that the Most Wonderful Time of the Year has come to an end, I don't think that we should have to say goodbye to all the Comfort and Joy. Lets face it, unless you are enjoying the snow with your children or a winter sports fanatic, the winter can seem too long and kind of dreadful. We spend most of our time indoors, hibernating. I have some suggestions on how to make the best of your indoor surroundings and they all focus on Lifting Your Senses.

Body, Mind, Spirit Tidbit - In the winter is easy to lose the satisfaction we receive when we use our Five Senses. Especially after they have been so heightened during the holidays. So if you are feeling the void try some of these suggestions to Lift them back up.

Sense of Smell - We all know what smells can do for our mood. Whether it's the scent of a Loved One's Cologne, the smell of Fresh Grass when it's cut, the Ocean Breeze on a warm summers day, or the fresh scent after a Spring Rain. All of these scents can trigger a lift in our mood. Now think of what scents make you feel good and recapture them in your home. Take a trip to a local Candle Store and Treat Yourself to a Familiar, Feel-Good Scent.

Sense of Taste - Another thing that also smells terrific, but most of all tastes terrific, is Food. The next shopping trip that you take I would like you to think about Lifting Your Senses. Some of my favorites are Fresh Herbs. The smell of Basil when you first cut into it is a lift in itself, then add some Fresh Tomatoes, Creamy Mozzarella, topped with Spices and a Sweet Olive Oil. It's a Feast for your senses. Or what about Fruit, a Delicious Bright Orange, can you say Juicy and Refreshing? One of my favorites is cooking in my kitchen right now, Beef Stew. The Woodsy Aroma of the array of Fresh Vegetables and Spices stewing comforts me on a cold winters day. Served in a over sized mug with some Fresh Warm Bread and Butter. Is your mouth watering yet? One More! Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies with some Ice Cold Milk. Go Shop for your senses.

Sense of Sight - Now that we are intoxicated with aromas and salivating lets move on to some Eye Candy. Take a trip to your local Florist or Super Market and get your self some Fresh Flowers! I like to buy a big Bouquet and separate it for different rooms.
*Use small jars or tea cups and fill three on a windowsill in your kitchen.
*Make a little bouquet in a decorative glass for your bathroom sink.
*Put a full arrangement on your table in a glass water pitcher filled with lemons or limes. It's a refreshing reminder that Spring is right around the corner.

To keep the flowers fresh change the water and add a pinch of baking soda every couple of days and trim the stems.

Sense of Touch - For me it's as simple as a Warm and Cozy Throw, some Warm and Fuzzy Slippers, a Heating Pad on my lap or shoulders, a Hot Bath or Steamy Shower, Cuddling, A Warm cup of Hot Chocolate in my hands with the Hot Steam hitting my face as I lift it up to take a sip.

Sense of Hearing - Take time to listen to your little ones as they talk. Hear the sound of their voice, the squeaky adorable little voice that won't last forever. Take time for silence, it helps you to hear what you are saying on the inside. Play some classical music and listen to the story being told. Listen to the wind on a stormy day or the rain drizzling on your window.

Do some of these suggestions and I know that you will have Fun Lifting Your Senses.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Summer Slumber Party

Well it is right about now that we all get spring fever including the kids. Mine start to bounce off the walls and they are beginning to ask "When is it going to be summer?" So to ease the Winter Blues I have come up with a Fun idea, A Summer Slumber Party!

Party Tidbit -

The Setting -
*Grab some Outdoor Party Lights or some White Christmas lights and hang them.
*Dress the kids up in some Summer Attire and pull out their Bathing Suits and Beach Towels too.
*If you wanted, buy some Hawaiian Lai's and other Hawaiian Decor at Target or a Party Store
* You can also get some Summer Music from the library or check your digital stations for some reggae.

*Let them take a Beach Bath in their suits and play with some beach toys.
*Lay out some Beach Towels and put on a Beach Theme Movie like Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid or Surf's Up.
*Purchase some Moonsand and let them play with it. I just might pull in the small pool I have in the garage for this one.
*Crank up some music and have a Summer Dance Party.

Food an Drinks
*Serve Hot Dogs or Hamburger's with some Pasta or Potato Salad.
*Cut up some melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, get some grapes and a can of pineapple and some skewers then let them make some Fruit Skewers.
Serve it with some Fruit Dip made from equal parts Fluff and Softened Cream Cheese
*Make Smores in the Microwave or Stove Top.
*Make some Yogurt Fruit Smoothies.
Mix 1 cup yogurt, with fruit and Ice and Blend. You can add some honey for sweetness and some citrus juice to thin it out.

But Most of All Let Loose, Use your Imagination, Make some Memories and have some Summer Fun with your kids at thier First Annual Summer Slumber Party!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mommy Time

As a mother of five boys, a household coordinator, a chef, a maid, a driver and so on, I need to remind myself to take some time for me every once and a while as I am sure that you do too. As mothers we tend to put everyone else's needs before our own, so to keep my stress level down and my spirits up, I schedule in some Mommy Time.

Beauty Tidbit - When I was single I used to go for mani's and pedi's and go to the spa quite often, but now when I probably need it the most, I don't. So instead I bring the spa to me. I have Saturday Spa Day for myself in my own bathroom at least once a month. I run a nice and Hot Bubble Bath, I light some Relaxing Scented Candles of lavender and chamomile, get some Magazines together that I haven't read, my MP3 player, and I lock the door for a good hour or so. I put on a clay mask, I file my nails, I use a scrub and after I lather some cream on, paint my toes and nails then Vwa La! I feel Refreshed and Beautiful! Although I don't spend the fortune you would pay on a spa day, I do treat myself to Bubble Bath, Sea Salts, Creams, Scrubs and Candles for my Spa Day. If you are one of the fortunate ones to still visit the spa, "You Go Girl!" but if your not, schedule in a Saturday Home Spa Day today and make sure to tell hubby that your doing so.

Extra Tidbit - When I have had a hard day and I am feeling stressed out I need to take some space when my husband gets home. But some days, when it's really bad. You know what I'm talking about, right ladies? Those pull out your hair days. I grab a feel good movie from my Girlie Movie Collection, I make myself some treats, I lock myself in my bedroom, light a candle, dim the lights and watch a chic flick. This is what I do to unwind and when I come out I feel so much better. Ready to serve once again! If the chick flick is not your thing, just make sure you find some kind of hideaway and stress reliever to go to when those days get tough and you need some Mommy Time!

Extra Extra Tidbit - At the start of a New Year it is my tradition to make a New Year's Resolution Collage. It is not only Relaxing and Fun, but it is a way to have a Visual Reminder of your Goals and Dreams for the upcoming year. I know it might sound too crafty or even cheesy, but it is said that having a visual reminder can help you to achieve whatever it is that you would like to accomplish.

To make the collage you will need a poster board cut to size, some scissors, magazines, and glue. All you do is flip through the magazines and find words, phrases as well as pictures of your goals and dreams for the year, then paste and fill the board. I also try to find pretty pictures and power words. My collage for last year says things like, Think Inside the Box, Save More, Worry Less, Bed and Breakfast, Some Fun for your Little One, and phrases like "when my kids need to burn off steam, we just turn up the radio and dance". It also has pictures of beaches, wonder woman, a tree house, and a revamped backyard. You get the picture. It's Fun and it's Personal so get out your creative side and start one today. Place it somewhere that you will see it daily and watch some of your dreams come true :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Family Nights

In our home I am always trying to come up with ways to make the time we have together Memorable and Fun for our children. I find this especially important during these long winter months. One way I do this is with Family Nights.

Tidbit - Today is Wednesday and tonight is Game Night in our house. We have a shelf full of games to pick from and the boys look forward to picking out a game and playing it with mom and dad. We try to be consistent with it although we may skip it once and a while. During the winter it helps make it over the hump until the weekend arrives. Play a Game with your kid's tonight!

Extra Tidbit - Game boxes can break easily. To make them more durable, support them with clear packaging tape, found at any hardware or storage store. I line the edges of the boxes inside and out and I tape off one side shut. This helps keep all the pieces inside. Also, if a box is too bulky for the game and the parts are not that big, I will put them in a large freezer bag and label it. Plastic bags and elastics are always good to use for cards and small pieces.

Extra Extra Tidbit - In our home we have also tried Craft Night on Monday and we always have Movie Night on Friday. I serve popcorn and a snack. The kids love it. The only problem is finding a movie that they haven't seen or that they want to watch again. The Disney Movie Club is a great way to start your own movie collection at a fraction of the cost. There is one downfall, just be sure to check in monthly if you join to reject the current selection, or else they will charge you and send it to your house.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In our house I try to be as resourceful as I can. I am always trying new strategies to make or save some money. I feel that not taking advantage of all my resources is a waste. This does take some time and planning, but it does Payoff in the end.

Tidbit - My basement is full of stuff and every year my children grow out of things and get new things so I try to be resourceful with their old things. I sell it on Craigslist.com. Last year I made close to $500 and I already made $40 this year. I have sold Baby Items, Toys and Appliances. It is silly just to throw it out when you can make some money with little effort. Most of any conversation between you and the buyer is online and if you are nervous then make sure you have someone with you when you make the sale. You make more money on bigger items then you would at a yard sale and you can do it all year long for Free. If you have any questions, ask me in my comment section and I will give you some tips.

Extra Tidbit - If you don't recycle your bottles or use coupons you are wasting money. Coupons are money and so are bottles and cans. It takes very little time and effort to utilize these resources. I keep a bag in the closet near my kitchen and I put any empty bottles and cans in them. When the bag is full I return them. I make a couple of dollars each time which doesn't seem like much but in a years time it's a bill payment.

I watched the Coupon Mom buy $100 dollars worth of groceries for .25 cents. I have not mastered this technique, but I am intrigued by it. I do look at coupons now as Free Money. And with a little time and effort we could be getting a $100 dollars worth of groceries for free. That's some Payoff.

Decorating Tidbit - I have a section in the basement that has all kinds of decorating items. Such as vases, candle holders, some seasonal items and other decor that I have received as either gifts or that are the result of a room change. I use these things when a room starts to feel a little stale and I feel the need for some change. It's like shopping in my basement. You find things that you forgot that you had. It's not drastic but it refreshes me and the room, and it's Free.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kid's Stuff

Isn't funny how Kid's Stuff things in just about any place they can. Whether it's their toys, shoes, hat's and gloves, and just about anything they can get their hands on. Well here are some Tidbits to organizing some of your Kids Stuff.

Tidbit - Now that you have gone and purged, I will let you in on one of my little secrets so that you can purge one more thing. Stuffed Animals! I know, I know! If your the sentimental type, you or your child might have some feelings about certain stuffed friends. I am not saying to get rid of them, but I am saying Get Rid of All the others. It will free up so much space and make things less cluttered. And trust me, your child will not even notice and if they do then just draw their attention to how much other stuff they have.

Extra Tidbit - In our home we have many heads,hands and feet. That means that we have many pairs of shoes, and hats and gloves. So to keep things tidy I have laundry and wicker baskets to keep their stuff from ending up all over the house. The laundry baskets I keep out of sight under their beds or in a closet. In them I keep shoes, sweatshirts, and any other bulky thing you can think of. My kids know where to find their shoes and where to put them. Wicker baskets look a little nicer and can be kept in a corner or near the doorway. I keep in them their hats and gloves. This is also handy when you come in from the snow, you can just bring the basket to your dryer and throw all the wet things in to dry.

Kids Snack Tidbit - In our house we have a plastic cereal container that holds one of my children's favorite snacks. They call it Mix. And that is basically what it is. It is a catch all for all the other small snacks in the house. Such as crackers, cookies, goldfish, chips, pretzels and even cereal. Before I go food shopping, I go through my cabinets and toss in the Mix anything that has a little or I am going to be replacing. This trick keeps my cabinets neat and my kid's happy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Value

As a mother of five boys, it is good to know the deals in my area. I am always looking for ways to save a buck or two. Money goes quickly and no matter what your household income is, it is always good to keep more in the bank while you have some fun with your family. Now that's what I call a Family Value!

Tidbit - Most of the people that will ever read this blog live in my area. Here are some Great Deals that I have found. The Fun Pass, This is a booklet of coupons for attractions in MA and NH. Most deals include buy one adult admission and get a child under 12 free. Some attractions are Edaville Railroad, Storyland, Water Country, Davis Farmland and many more. If your family ski's, there are ski's passes also. It cost's $25 dollars, but it pays for itself if you use it. The coupons can be ordered online and the coupons must remain in the booklet at the time of use. The 2010 Fun Pass has just come out in December and it is good for one year.

Extra Tidbit - Going out to eat can be expensive for a family. But in my house, we love to go out to eat. Here are some Great Deals in MA.
Fuddruckers - Monday and Tuesday, kids under 12 eat for .99 cents between $pm and 9pm. Check with your local resturant to see if they participate.
Rain Forrest Cafe - Wednesday Night, Kids under 12 eat for $1.99 during the Dinner Menu.
Chunkys Cinema Pub - Kids under 4 get in for Free. And on Tuesday Nights after 5pm you recieve one Free kids meal when one adult entree is purchased. Dinner and a Movie at a Great Deal!

Extra Extra Tidbit - Entertainment Books are now out for 2010. They have great Deals inside for resturants, Fast Food, and stores. Also if your a AAA Member you can receive discounts at Payless and Target.com


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Open Windows

If your anything like me, you have a collection of pictures on your camera and computer from the past year. Most of us will never get any of them developed and scrapbook them all. So I have a solution for you. Open Windows!

Tidbit - Open Microsoft Windows and make a DVD Movie using the Movie Maker. It's really easy and fun. Now that the holidays have passed and a new year is here, it's a good time to make a movie of 2009. You can add titles and music to the background. I made one last year and my sons loved it. I am working on one now and I can't wait to finish it. It's a great way to hold on to cherished memories. Best of all when your done you can save all of your pictures on a disk and free up some space on your computer.

Extra Tidbit - Another way to take advantage of windows is to create Forget It Folders that will keep your thoughts organized. They are a great resource to use to jot thoughts down and forget them until needed. In My Favorites section I have a folder marked Summer. In it I save websites of places to visit, so that when the summer rolls around again I can refer to it and the calenders for the season. I also have one marked Vacation where I save websites of Bed and Breakfast's I would like to stay in for Anniversary's and Birthdays. This year I have decided to make a Needs and Gifts Folder in My Documents section in Word. In it I am going to put ideas for the boys and for people in our family who we buy for at Christmas and Birthdays. Hopefully this will help me when some one asks me what the boys would like or need for their birthday or Christmas next year. And I will have some ideas for others as well. I can write it and forget it all year long.

Beauty Tidbit - In this cold, cold season we can all use a little pick me up each time we leave the house. Mine is Ginger Mentha Lip Shine Shimmer from Bath and Body. I leave it in my coat pocket and put it on each time I leave my house. It keeps my lips smooth, it tastes and smells great and it makes my lips sparkle. Keep a yummy Lip Balm in your pocket and enjoy the pick me up.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Paper Trail

No matter how organized you are, paper can accumulate all over your home. Whether it's mail, magazines, kids art or school work it can be found everywhere. So these Tidbit's will help you organize it all so that you don't leave A Paper Trail.

Tidbit - Create a Mail Station in your home. A mail station could be a basket on a table, a drawer or even a table itself. In my home we have a station for bills and one for magazines. To keep them tidy, try to toss any junk mail right away. You could have a keep and toss basket at your station. Sort it when you can, but at least once a week. At then end of every month look through your magazines and toss last months issues. Try to recycle when you can.

Extra Tidbit - An Art/Work Binder is a great way to keep your kids art and school work as a keepsake. You will need a three hole punch, some folders, and of course the binder. A three ring will last a while. Use the folders as markers for age or grade and put any work that you don't want to punch in them. Keep what you think you will like to save and at every birthday or grade go through them and keep the best of the best. After the years fly bye you will have a keepsake that you can give your child when they reach a milestone in their life.

Extra Extra Tidbit - Now that it is Tax Season, keep a Tax Folder marked 2009 Taxes at your mail station and keep all the tax info you receive in it. When it comes time to do your taxes you won't need to scramble. Then it will be ready to add any paper work you receive when you do your taxes or any that you have accumulated through out the year. Now you can file it away until you need it again. If you want to get really organized you will start one now for 2010 and add to it all year long.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Everything Should Have A Home

In this New Year as we begin to take down decorations and store them away, I feel like we begin to crave organization and a new beginning. It all starts with carefully putting away each bulb and labeling them. (And if you don't you should;) And finding space for all the stuff we just accumulated. We begin to look around at our now naked and stuffed surroundings and we want change. Well Here's your first

Tidbit - Purge! If you haven't already, label a box or two Yard Sale and put any old decorations that you didn't use this year in them and any toys that your children haven't used in a while and store it until yard sale season. Make a Home for all of your New Stuff. And teach your child that this is where it's home is. For Example: Buy colored bins at your local dollar store and label them according to each toy. My Sons have bins for Dinosaurs, Cars, Train Gear, Play dough etc. It will teach your child how to be organized and they will know where it needs to go when it's time to clean up.

Extra Tidbit - If your not into Yard Sales and making Extra Cash then bring it to your local Salvation Army and get a tax deduction.

Extra Extra Tidbit - Try to incorporate this with your things as well. The Bathroom is a great place for bins. And in the kitchen have a home for all of your Kitchen Gear.