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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lifting Your Senses

Now that the Most Wonderful Time of the Year has come to an end, I don't think that we should have to say goodbye to all the Comfort and Joy. Lets face it, unless you are enjoying the snow with your children or a winter sports fanatic, the winter can seem too long and kind of dreadful. We spend most of our time indoors, hibernating. I have some suggestions on how to make the best of your indoor surroundings and they all focus on Lifting Your Senses.

Body, Mind, Spirit Tidbit - In the winter is easy to lose the satisfaction we receive when we use our Five Senses. Especially after they have been so heightened during the holidays. So if you are feeling the void try some of these suggestions to Lift them back up.

Sense of Smell - We all know what smells can do for our mood. Whether it's the scent of a Loved One's Cologne, the smell of Fresh Grass when it's cut, the Ocean Breeze on a warm summers day, or the fresh scent after a Spring Rain. All of these scents can trigger a lift in our mood. Now think of what scents make you feel good and recapture them in your home. Take a trip to a local Candle Store and Treat Yourself to a Familiar, Feel-Good Scent.

Sense of Taste - Another thing that also smells terrific, but most of all tastes terrific, is Food. The next shopping trip that you take I would like you to think about Lifting Your Senses. Some of my favorites are Fresh Herbs. The smell of Basil when you first cut into it is a lift in itself, then add some Fresh Tomatoes, Creamy Mozzarella, topped with Spices and a Sweet Olive Oil. It's a Feast for your senses. Or what about Fruit, a Delicious Bright Orange, can you say Juicy and Refreshing? One of my favorites is cooking in my kitchen right now, Beef Stew. The Woodsy Aroma of the array of Fresh Vegetables and Spices stewing comforts me on a cold winters day. Served in a over sized mug with some Fresh Warm Bread and Butter. Is your mouth watering yet? One More! Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies with some Ice Cold Milk. Go Shop for your senses.

Sense of Sight - Now that we are intoxicated with aromas and salivating lets move on to some Eye Candy. Take a trip to your local Florist or Super Market and get your self some Fresh Flowers! I like to buy a big Bouquet and separate it for different rooms.
*Use small jars or tea cups and fill three on a windowsill in your kitchen.
*Make a little bouquet in a decorative glass for your bathroom sink.
*Put a full arrangement on your table in a glass water pitcher filled with lemons or limes. It's a refreshing reminder that Spring is right around the corner.

To keep the flowers fresh change the water and add a pinch of baking soda every couple of days and trim the stems.

Sense of Touch - For me it's as simple as a Warm and Cozy Throw, some Warm and Fuzzy Slippers, a Heating Pad on my lap or shoulders, a Hot Bath or Steamy Shower, Cuddling, A Warm cup of Hot Chocolate in my hands with the Hot Steam hitting my face as I lift it up to take a sip.

Sense of Hearing - Take time to listen to your little ones as they talk. Hear the sound of their voice, the squeaky adorable little voice that won't last forever. Take time for silence, it helps you to hear what you are saying on the inside. Play some classical music and listen to the story being told. Listen to the wind on a stormy day or the rain drizzling on your window.

Do some of these suggestions and I know that you will have Fun Lifting Your Senses.

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