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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Defeating Your Laundry

In my house, laundry is continuous battle. Just when I think that I am all caught up, another Battle Pile appears needing immediate attention or else there will be a War Pile that never ends. As a result I have come up with some strategies for easing the pain. Here are some tips for Defeating Your Laundry.

Organizing Tidbit - Defeating your laundry takes a plan of action.

Step One - If It's Not Dirty Then Don't Wash It

*Like Towels for instance. You wipe your clean body with it, so it's still clean. Assign each person a towel and keep it for the week.
*Pajamas also fall into this category. They are worn to bed and then removed in the morning. It is unlikely that they got spoiled in that time frame, so wear them two to three times.
*Jeans and Dress Pants are also an item that can be worn more than once before cleaning. Of course at your own discretion.

Using these strategies should help with the Battle Pile.

Step Two - Create A Dirty Clothes Station

In my home we don't have any hampers, instead I use a tall laundry basket. The tall basket is for collecting the dirty clothes. I have it hidden behind my bedroom door and everyone in the house knows that that's where their dirty clothes belong. When it fills up, I do a load of laundry. Having it already in the tall basket, makes it easy for transport. Makes sense right? But I do a Full Load Cycle. Which means I Wash, Dry, Fold and Put It Away.

Make Dirty Clothes Stations in closets or behind Doors and make sure that everyone in the house knows that the floor is not an option.

Step Three - Organize Your Washes

If you read my blog, you should know by now that I am a fan of baskets. Well the same applies here. Get colored baskets for each kind of load and use them to separate the clothes by color. Think Red, White and Blue. Red for Colors, Blue for Darks and White for... Well I think you got that one.

Organize washes using the baskets when you bring your full tall basket down instead of the floor.

Step Four - Create A Folding Station

I know! I know! What is with me and these stations? But it does help. I think that the easiest place to fold clothes is in a bedroom on a made bed. To make it easy, categorize as you fold. For instance, each person should have a section of the bed and as you fold put the clothes into categories also. Like a shirt pile, jeans pile, t-shirts pile, sweat shirts etc. When it's time to put the folded clothes away, insert them by their categories into regular laundry baskets and then they will be ready to be put away neatly for each person.

Make Sure to do a Full Load Cycle Daily to minimize the Battle. I hope that these strategies help you with Defeating Your Laundry.

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