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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Family Nights

In our home I am always trying to come up with ways to make the time we have together Memorable and Fun for our children. I find this especially important during these long winter months. One way I do this is with Family Nights.

Tidbit - Today is Wednesday and tonight is Game Night in our house. We have a shelf full of games to pick from and the boys look forward to picking out a game and playing it with mom and dad. We try to be consistent with it although we may skip it once and a while. During the winter it helps make it over the hump until the weekend arrives. Play a Game with your kid's tonight!

Extra Tidbit - Game boxes can break easily. To make them more durable, support them with clear packaging tape, found at any hardware or storage store. I line the edges of the boxes inside and out and I tape off one side shut. This helps keep all the pieces inside. Also, if a box is too bulky for the game and the parts are not that big, I will put them in a large freezer bag and label it. Plastic bags and elastics are always good to use for cards and small pieces.

Extra Extra Tidbit - In our home we have also tried Craft Night on Monday and we always have Movie Night on Friday. I serve popcorn and a snack. The kids love it. The only problem is finding a movie that they haven't seen or that they want to watch again. The Disney Movie Club is a great way to start your own movie collection at a fraction of the cost. There is one downfall, just be sure to check in monthly if you join to reject the current selection, or else they will charge you and send it to your house.

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