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Friday, January 15, 2010

Summer Slumber Party

Well it is right about now that we all get spring fever including the kids. Mine start to bounce off the walls and they are beginning to ask "When is it going to be summer?" So to ease the Winter Blues I have come up with a Fun idea, A Summer Slumber Party!

Party Tidbit -

The Setting -
*Grab some Outdoor Party Lights or some White Christmas lights and hang them.
*Dress the kids up in some Summer Attire and pull out their Bathing Suits and Beach Towels too.
*If you wanted, buy some Hawaiian Lai's and other Hawaiian Decor at Target or a Party Store
* You can also get some Summer Music from the library or check your digital stations for some reggae.

*Let them take a Beach Bath in their suits and play with some beach toys.
*Lay out some Beach Towels and put on a Beach Theme Movie like Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid or Surf's Up.
*Purchase some Moonsand and let them play with it. I just might pull in the small pool I have in the garage for this one.
*Crank up some music and have a Summer Dance Party.

Food an Drinks
*Serve Hot Dogs or Hamburger's with some Pasta or Potato Salad.
*Cut up some melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, get some grapes and a can of pineapple and some skewers then let them make some Fruit Skewers.
Serve it with some Fruit Dip made from equal parts Fluff and Softened Cream Cheese
*Make Smores in the Microwave or Stove Top.
*Make some Yogurt Fruit Smoothies.
Mix 1 cup yogurt, with fruit and Ice and Blend. You can add some honey for sweetness and some citrus juice to thin it out.

But Most of All Let Loose, Use your Imagination, Make some Memories and have some Summer Fun with your kids at thier First Annual Summer Slumber Party!

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