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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mommy Time

As a mother of five boys, a household coordinator, a chef, a maid, a driver and so on, I need to remind myself to take some time for me every once and a while as I am sure that you do too. As mothers we tend to put everyone else's needs before our own, so to keep my stress level down and my spirits up, I schedule in some Mommy Time.

Beauty Tidbit - When I was single I used to go for mani's and pedi's and go to the spa quite often, but now when I probably need it the most, I don't. So instead I bring the spa to me. I have Saturday Spa Day for myself in my own bathroom at least once a month. I run a nice and Hot Bubble Bath, I light some Relaxing Scented Candles of lavender and chamomile, get some Magazines together that I haven't read, my MP3 player, and I lock the door for a good hour or so. I put on a clay mask, I file my nails, I use a scrub and after I lather some cream on, paint my toes and nails then Vwa La! I feel Refreshed and Beautiful! Although I don't spend the fortune you would pay on a spa day, I do treat myself to Bubble Bath, Sea Salts, Creams, Scrubs and Candles for my Spa Day. If you are one of the fortunate ones to still visit the spa, "You Go Girl!" but if your not, schedule in a Saturday Home Spa Day today and make sure to tell hubby that your doing so.

Extra Tidbit - When I have had a hard day and I am feeling stressed out I need to take some space when my husband gets home. But some days, when it's really bad. You know what I'm talking about, right ladies? Those pull out your hair days. I grab a feel good movie from my Girlie Movie Collection, I make myself some treats, I lock myself in my bedroom, light a candle, dim the lights and watch a chic flick. This is what I do to unwind and when I come out I feel so much better. Ready to serve once again! If the chick flick is not your thing, just make sure you find some kind of hideaway and stress reliever to go to when those days get tough and you need some Mommy Time!

Extra Extra Tidbit - At the start of a New Year it is my tradition to make a New Year's Resolution Collage. It is not only Relaxing and Fun, but it is a way to have a Visual Reminder of your Goals and Dreams for the upcoming year. I know it might sound too crafty or even cheesy, but it is said that having a visual reminder can help you to achieve whatever it is that you would like to accomplish.

To make the collage you will need a poster board cut to size, some scissors, magazines, and glue. All you do is flip through the magazines and find words, phrases as well as pictures of your goals and dreams for the year, then paste and fill the board. I also try to find pretty pictures and power words. My collage for last year says things like, Think Inside the Box, Save More, Worry Less, Bed and Breakfast, Some Fun for your Little One, and phrases like "when my kids need to burn off steam, we just turn up the radio and dance". It also has pictures of beaches, wonder woman, a tree house, and a revamped backyard. You get the picture. It's Fun and it's Personal so get out your creative side and start one today. Place it somewhere that you will see it daily and watch some of your dreams come true :)

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  1. What a great idea...my poor whirlpool tub is going to waste...you have inspired me.