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Monday, February 22, 2010

Freshen Up For Spring

Spring is right around the corner and we are all coming down with a little Spring Fever. Spring is all about lightening things up, letting in the fresh air and coming out of hibernation. With one month still officially left of winter, I have some Tidbits to help you Freshen Up For Spring!

Tidbit - Freshen up your home by adding some splashes of spring color and elements through out your home. Think Pale Yellow, Earthy Green, Lavender, Creamy Orange, Sky Blue and Soft Pink.

Treat yourself to some pretty inexpensive Throw Pillows and lighten up those cozy couches and chairs. While your at it, get some to brighten up your bedroom as well.

Change up your window treatments with some airy Bamboo Shades. They add a little Tropical Feel to any room for an affordable price.

Bring in some freshness with a new Tropical Plant or two. They will add that outdoor feeling to your living space and when the warm weather arrives you can use them to decorate your outdoor patio or deck. Your kid's will also enjoy helping you water the plant.

Look for some Potted Pansies at your local Loews or Home Depot. They come in a variety of spring colors and are extremely hardy. Put them in some decorative planters and add them through out your home for an early homemade Spring . Then you can plant them outdoors when the warm weather arrives. They will continue to bloom throughout the Spring and Summer.

Grow your own Wheat Grass in a pretty outdoor planter. Wheat Grass seed is available at any health food store and is very easy to grow. The grass will grow in about 6-10 days. If you plan it correctly, you can create a nice base for a Beautiful Easter Centerpiece to show off at your Sunday dinner. You can add decorated eggs, artificial chicks and butterflies(found at any craft store). It's a great project to do with the Kids. They will really enjoy helping and they will be able to feel a sense of gratification by watching how quickly it grows.

Spring is almost here, I hope that these Tidbit's help you to hang in there and Freshen Up For Spring!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Fun Before It's All Done

Well here we are approaching the end of the Winter Season, which gives me a reason to give you some Tidbits on how to have some Winter Fun Before It's All Done!

Kid's Craft Tidbit - Ice Sculptures are so beautiful to look at and very difficult to make, but with a little creativity, you can make some of this whimsical beauty for yourself, before it melts into your spring flowers.

Step One - Look through your home and find some rectangular shaped pots and pans, then look through your children's sand castle makers from the summer and you will have the basic items needed for creating your Ice Sculpture.

Step Two - Fill your containers with cold water and Get Creative! Add some Food Coloring to add that Wow! factor to your ice blocks. You can make colored ice cubes in your freezer and then add them to your containers for an ice confetti look. Also, look around your home for other items that can be trapped in the ice, such as plastic toys and figurines. Make sure that the items are not your child's favorite and that they are made from a material that won't damage in the ice and water. When you are done being creative, place the containers outside and let them freeze. The temperature must be below 32 degrees.

Step Three - After the containers have frozen you are ready to make your sculpture. Grab a laundry basket and line it with a large plastic bag. Fill your sink or tub with hot water (Remember to keep the kids away from the Hot Water of course) and submerge your containers until they loosen from their mold. Place the ice blocks into the laundry basket and bring them outside. Now you can use them to create your very own Whimsical Ice Sculpture. You can stack them or arrange them in any way you can imagine. Have Fun!

Extra Tidbit - Use this same idea to make a Sun Ice Catcher. Fill a shallow container such as a pie pan with cold water and add some colorful items. I think that natural items work best like some citrus slices, berries, small branches or you can go with the confetti idea. Add a loop of a durable rope and submerge a portion of it in the water while it freezes. Later, when frozen you can hang your Ice Catchers in your yard on a plant hook.

Go and make the best of these last weeks of cold and have some Winter Fun Before It's All Done!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Morning

When your a child, your birthday is one of the most anticipated days. My children start counting down the days to their next birthday almost immediately after their special day ends. Because the day is held in such a high regard to my precious little one's, I do my best to make it a wonderful, fun filled day and I start with the Happy Birthday Morning!

Tidbit - Make the first moments of your child's birthday, moments that will never be forgotten.

Months before my children's birthday we start talking about what kind of theme they would like for their big day, and they love to pick it out. Have your child pick out what theme they would like for their next birthday.

The night before your child's birthday decorate an area in your home that your child will see first thing. For me it's the dining room. I start with hanging streamers from the ceiling. There is something about streamers to a child, when they see them they just know that good things will follow.

Next, put out Mylar balloons of the theme they have chosen. (Note: Regular helium balloon's only last a short time, so go with Mylar which seem to have a never ending life span)

Have a table cloth on the table and birthday decorations all around and have waiting for them on the table, one of their birthday presents.

Serve a special breakfast such as pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles. It starts their day out in a special memorable way and they will always look forward to their Happy Birthday Morning!

Extra Tidbit
- We use every birthday as an opportunity to look back at the years that have passed. We do this by looking at the video's and pictures of their birth and the past birthdays. They enjoy looking at how they have grown and we enjoy slowing down time and remembering to appreciate them before they are all grown up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home Made Date Night

When you have children, it is hard to make time to be a couple. Whether it's finding the right baby sitter or just finding the time, energy and motivation, it becomes a challenge to have a little romance in your life. When my husband and I find that we are having a lull in our alone time, I create for us a Home Made Date Night!

Love and Marriage Tidbit - You don't have to leave your house to have a relaxing and romantic date night. It just takes a little time, thought and effort. For starters, your date night needs to include things that you both enjoy and that you don't get to have all the time. Things that will get you excited.

First, Plan the kind of setting that you will both like and time it for when the children are snug asleep. Set up a close seating arrangement in a room that you don't normally eat in. This could be the formal dining room or even setting up a small table in the living room. Be Creative! Make sure you add table linens, candle light, fresh flowers and music. Keep the lights dim and make sure that you are dressed for the occasion. I know this may seem difficult with kids but you can do it on a night that your honey gets in late or have him do the night routine with your child and surprise him.

Second, create a menu that includes some of your favorite dishes. Start with an appetizer and a cocktail and relax on the couch (make sure if the couch is in a different room then you create the same mood with candles, flowers and music)

Next, move into the eating area and serve yourselves like you are at a restaurant with soup, salad, main course and dessert. To make it easy, splurge on some fancy plastic platinum trimmed dinner ware found at any wholesale or party store. This way you can just toss it after. Create a meal around some take out options or prepare the dinner ahead, so all you have to do is reheat it and there is little to clean up. Make the salads ahead and keep them covered in the fridge. Have all the items to make your dessert ready on the counter.

Remember that the main objective of any romantic restaurant is to give you the ambiance that creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation with your loved one. With a little thought and effort, this same atmosphere can be easily created in the comfort of your own Home Made Date Night!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Be Better On the Go

Mothers spend a good amount of the day in their cars. We are dropping, shopping, and always stopping to do something. Our cars become our home away from home, so I feel like it should have a system like our home. So here are some tips that I use to Be Better on the Go!

Tidbit - Keep you car stocked for the unexpected. What does this mean? It means be prepared for the hungry mom and child, be prepared for the boo boo at the playground, be prepared for the unexpected thunder shower and the whining child.

Always keep some nonperishable snacks in your car. Like a bag of goldfish, some granola or cereal bars. Store them in the glove box or in one of your storage areas in the front of your car. Also keep a box of juice boxes or water under the seats. It is also smart to have some stop whining snacks on hand, like a lollipop, for those breakdown moments.

Make a Kid Traveling Survival Kit - It is always good to keep some stuff in the car that is only for the car. This way your child will get excited for it when needed. When creating it keep in mind occupying your child's senses, such as sight, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. My suggestions are some picture or reading books also look for some scratch and sniff books, children Cd's, a doddle pad or etch-a-sketch, a small map and some goggles, a kaleidoscope, a magnifying glass, a small flashlight, a Rubik's cube (for older kids) or some other mind and hand toy and of course some snacks. Keep it all in a tote in your car and bring it out when needed. I know that kids today have DVD players and hand video games, but those should only be allowed during very long trips. Kid's today are already stimulated enough.

Car Staples - A box of tissues, a package of wipes for spills and kid cleanup, anti bacterial gel for after every shopping trip, a loaded first aid kit, an emergency kit, a blanket for an unexpected picnic, a ball, a kite, a few diapers, some plastic bags for trash, and a couple of umbrellas. Keep stuff organized in a basket or tote bags, and keep the bigger stuff in the trunk.

If your a coupon mom, keep any fast food coupons, restaurant coupons, oil change coupons and car wash coupons in the car.

Keep your car clean by picking up trash and toys after each trip. Keep a few small plastic bags in your glove box for easy cleaning. Have on hand some empty tote bags just for the car. Tuck them away under your seat for easy access. Restock your car every couple of weeks. Make sure that you hang a great smelling air freshener in your car to keep you energized and Be Better on the Go!