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Monday, February 22, 2010

Freshen Up For Spring

Spring is right around the corner and we are all coming down with a little Spring Fever. Spring is all about lightening things up, letting in the fresh air and coming out of hibernation. With one month still officially left of winter, I have some Tidbits to help you Freshen Up For Spring!

Tidbit - Freshen up your home by adding some splashes of spring color and elements through out your home. Think Pale Yellow, Earthy Green, Lavender, Creamy Orange, Sky Blue and Soft Pink.

Treat yourself to some pretty inexpensive Throw Pillows and lighten up those cozy couches and chairs. While your at it, get some to brighten up your bedroom as well.

Change up your window treatments with some airy Bamboo Shades. They add a little Tropical Feel to any room for an affordable price.

Bring in some freshness with a new Tropical Plant or two. They will add that outdoor feeling to your living space and when the warm weather arrives you can use them to decorate your outdoor patio or deck. Your kid's will also enjoy helping you water the plant.

Look for some Potted Pansies at your local Loews or Home Depot. They come in a variety of spring colors and are extremely hardy. Put them in some decorative planters and add them through out your home for an early homemade Spring . Then you can plant them outdoors when the warm weather arrives. They will continue to bloom throughout the Spring and Summer.

Grow your own Wheat Grass in a pretty outdoor planter. Wheat Grass seed is available at any health food store and is very easy to grow. The grass will grow in about 6-10 days. If you plan it correctly, you can create a nice base for a Beautiful Easter Centerpiece to show off at your Sunday dinner. You can add decorated eggs, artificial chicks and butterflies(found at any craft store). It's a great project to do with the Kids. They will really enjoy helping and they will be able to feel a sense of gratification by watching how quickly it grows.

Spring is almost here, I hope that these Tidbit's help you to hang in there and Freshen Up For Spring!

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