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Monday, February 1, 2010

Be Better On the Go

Mothers spend a good amount of the day in their cars. We are dropping, shopping, and always stopping to do something. Our cars become our home away from home, so I feel like it should have a system like our home. So here are some tips that I use to Be Better on the Go!

Tidbit - Keep you car stocked for the unexpected. What does this mean? It means be prepared for the hungry mom and child, be prepared for the boo boo at the playground, be prepared for the unexpected thunder shower and the whining child.

Always keep some nonperishable snacks in your car. Like a bag of goldfish, some granola or cereal bars. Store them in the glove box or in one of your storage areas in the front of your car. Also keep a box of juice boxes or water under the seats. It is also smart to have some stop whining snacks on hand, like a lollipop, for those breakdown moments.

Make a Kid Traveling Survival Kit - It is always good to keep some stuff in the car that is only for the car. This way your child will get excited for it when needed. When creating it keep in mind occupying your child's senses, such as sight, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. My suggestions are some picture or reading books also look for some scratch and sniff books, children Cd's, a doddle pad or etch-a-sketch, a small map and some goggles, a kaleidoscope, a magnifying glass, a small flashlight, a Rubik's cube (for older kids) or some other mind and hand toy and of course some snacks. Keep it all in a tote in your car and bring it out when needed. I know that kids today have DVD players and hand video games, but those should only be allowed during very long trips. Kid's today are already stimulated enough.

Car Staples - A box of tissues, a package of wipes for spills and kid cleanup, anti bacterial gel for after every shopping trip, a loaded first aid kit, an emergency kit, a blanket for an unexpected picnic, a ball, a kite, a few diapers, some plastic bags for trash, and a couple of umbrellas. Keep stuff organized in a basket or tote bags, and keep the bigger stuff in the trunk.

If your a coupon mom, keep any fast food coupons, restaurant coupons, oil change coupons and car wash coupons in the car.

Keep your car clean by picking up trash and toys after each trip. Keep a few small plastic bags in your glove box for easy cleaning. Have on hand some empty tote bags just for the car. Tuck them away under your seat for easy access. Restock your car every couple of weeks. Make sure that you hang a great smelling air freshener in your car to keep you energized and Be Better on the Go!

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