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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Erin Go Braugh Party

Whether you are Irish or not, you can appreciate the Irish Pride that illuminates at this time of year. As we wait for spring to finally arrive, why not join into the festivities that surround Saint Patrick's Day and plan your very own Erin Go Braugh Party!

Party Tidbit - Invite some of your friends and their kids over to Kiss the Blarney Stone, Enjoy a Pot of Gold, Follow a Rainbow, Dance an Irish Jig and enjoy a taste of Ireland.

Kiss the Blarney Stone - Create your very own Blarney Stone out of a Large Dark Postar board with a Kiss Bulls Eye in the Middle and hang it up in an open area. Create Kiss Cut Outs from Red Construction Paper and add your party guests name to each one. To play the game blind fold your participator with a long scarf, place some tape on the back of their Kiss Cut Out, spin them and then off they go. Sound Familiar? You get the idea!
Materials - One Large Dark Poster Board, Red Construction Paper, Scissors, Blind Fold, Marker, Tape, Small Prizes

Follow the Rainbow Scavenger Hunt - For this game you want a package of colored construction paper or card stock. For each color of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple), you will want to cut out a shape (Square, Triangle etc.)of each color for each participant. This is done so that you can assign each guest a shape to find, of each color during the hunt. If you want to be creative, you can add clues where the next clue is for the participants that can read or you can just hide them around your home randomly. Make some doubles of some of the color shapes and put some Leprechaun Stickers on it as a road block. If your guest finds one then they have to give back the shapes they have found and start all over. The object is to follow the rainbow and collect all the colors of your assigned shape, to get your Pot of Gold. The pot of gold is a bag of Gold Coins in a Small Pot, found at any party store.
Materials - Colored Paper, Scissors, Leprechaun Stickers, Small Favor Pots, Bags of Gold Coins

Irish Musical Chairs - Pretty much the same game as the original, just done with some Irish Dance Music, found at your local library. The object of the game is to get into a chair when the music ends. Always have one chair less then the number of participants. Play until there is only one chair left. Surprise the winner with a small prize.

Shamrock your Beverage - Serve your guests Green Beverages by adding a small drop of Green Food Coloring to any Clear Beverage. Serve in Clear Cups.

Irish Dinner Ideas - Irish Stew, Soda Bread, Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner, Corn Beef Sandwiches served with Creamy Potato Soup. Look up some easy Irish recipes online.

Pot of Gold - This is a tasty treat to serve your guests. Find a plastic pot at a party store to use as the container for this dessert. Now we are going to make a Golden Trifle. Buy two boxes of Golden Cake Mix and two boxes of Vanilla Pudding and prepare them according to the box instructions. You will also need a two large containers of Cool Whip, a package of Heath Toffee Bites and a box of Nilla Wafers.

When the cake is cooled, cut it into large sections to be used to layer your trifle in the pot. Start with a layer of cake, spoon some pudding for the next layer, then a thin layer of cool whip and then top the whip with a sprinkle of Heath Toffee Bites. Repeat until you run out of your ingredients! When you reach the top, finish off with a layer of whip and then pour out the box of Nilla Wafers for the Gold Coin look!

Remember to decorate with some Shamrock cut outs. Hang them from the ceiling with some fishing wire or just tape them all around. Pick up some inexpensive Green Leprechaun Hats. Get your grown up guests to have some fun with the kids by buying some Saint Patrick's Day scratch tickets to hand out for their prize. Get Creative and party like the Irish! I hope that my Tidbits inspired you to throw your very own Erin Go Braugh Party! Ireland Forever!

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