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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Everything Should Have A Home

In this New Year as we begin to take down decorations and store them away, I feel like we begin to crave organization and a new beginning. It all starts with carefully putting away each bulb and labeling them. (And if you don't you should;) And finding space for all the stuff we just accumulated. We begin to look around at our now naked and stuffed surroundings and we want change. Well Here's your first

Tidbit - Purge! If you haven't already, label a box or two Yard Sale and put any old decorations that you didn't use this year in them and any toys that your children haven't used in a while and store it until yard sale season. Make a Home for all of your New Stuff. And teach your child that this is where it's home is. For Example: Buy colored bins at your local dollar store and label them according to each toy. My Sons have bins for Dinosaurs, Cars, Train Gear, Play dough etc. It will teach your child how to be organized and they will know where it needs to go when it's time to clean up.

Extra Tidbit - If your not into Yard Sales and making Extra Cash then bring it to your local Salvation Army and get a tax deduction.

Extra Extra Tidbit - Try to incorporate this with your things as well. The Bathroom is a great place for bins. And in the kitchen have a home for all of your Kitchen Gear.

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  1. Hey Monica! You would be proud, we purged our basement this weekend. It took our hot water heater to go to get us to snap to it but it is done. We finally finished putting up shelves down there to put our bins on. I need to, now, take your advice and make a yard sale box and part with some more stuff. - Kim