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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Paper Trail

No matter how organized you are, paper can accumulate all over your home. Whether it's mail, magazines, kids art or school work it can be found everywhere. So these Tidbit's will help you organize it all so that you don't leave A Paper Trail.

Tidbit - Create a Mail Station in your home. A mail station could be a basket on a table, a drawer or even a table itself. In my home we have a station for bills and one for magazines. To keep them tidy, try to toss any junk mail right away. You could have a keep and toss basket at your station. Sort it when you can, but at least once a week. At then end of every month look through your magazines and toss last months issues. Try to recycle when you can.

Extra Tidbit - An Art/Work Binder is a great way to keep your kids art and school work as a keepsake. You will need a three hole punch, some folders, and of course the binder. A three ring will last a while. Use the folders as markers for age or grade and put any work that you don't want to punch in them. Keep what you think you will like to save and at every birthday or grade go through them and keep the best of the best. After the years fly bye you will have a keepsake that you can give your child when they reach a milestone in their life.

Extra Extra Tidbit - Now that it is Tax Season, keep a Tax Folder marked 2009 Taxes at your mail station and keep all the tax info you receive in it. When it comes time to do your taxes you won't need to scramble. Then it will be ready to add any paper work you receive when you do your taxes or any that you have accumulated through out the year. Now you can file it away until you need it again. If you want to get really organized you will start one now for 2010 and add to it all year long.

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